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Habbos Royal Army Fourm

Noob Of The Week
Rare Values
Uniform And Promo Scale
Joining Info And Pay Info
Allies And Enemys
The Oath

Habbos Royal Army Unifrom And Promo Scale


Promo Scale

Officers Can Promo To Rank 32

Sec. Can Promo To Rank 50.

Owners Two Secretary Ranks

And M-CnC A-CnC S-CnC to Owner Ranks

And Co-CnC And CnC Can Promo To All Ranks.


Ranks 1-20: Boys: Red Short Sleeved Pocketed Top Dark Blue Pocketed Pants Black Round Shoes

Ranks 21-32: Long Red Sleeved Pocketed Top

Head Ranks: Short Pocketed Top (Black)

Officers Ranks: Long Black Pocketed Top

Secretary Ranks: Suits (White)

High Ranks: Anything

Girls: Same Colours But With 2nd Asian Top Secs Were 1st Asian Top But Light Blue.


Plz Follow All These Rules

Want To Join This Wonderful Army Just Go To Habbo Hotel Aus