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Habbos Royal Army Fourm

Noob Of The Week
Rare Values
Uniform And Promo Scale
Joining Info And Pay Info
Allies And Enemys
The Oath

Habbos Royal Army Joining Info And Pay Info

How To Join


How to Join:

Uniform: Red Short Pocketed Top Blue Pocketed Pants Black And Round Shoes

Unifor: Girls Were 2nd Asin Top But Same Colour As Boys

Mission: [HRA] Recruit

Must Be Exact To Enter Also All Dontions Are To Be Give To .:Blax101:.

Pay Info:

Pay Is Every Week On Sunday 6:00 pm EST You Earn Pay By Doing Good Deeds. You Start Getting Pay From Rank 32. Only 5 People Get Pay Every Week.


Dont Aruge With Them You Ask For Pay And Your Fired

Want To Join This Wonderful Army Just Go To Habbo Hotel Aus