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Habbos Royal Army Fourm

Noob Of The Week
Rare Values
Uniform And Promo Scale
Joining Info And Pay Info
Allies And Enemys
The Oath

Habbos Royal Army Rules

Habbos Royal Army Rules

1. Follow The Habbo Way

2. Dont Swaer Or Harrass

3. Dont Ask For Pay Promo's Or Rites

4. No Dancing

5. Treat Everyone With Respect

6. Always Shout

7. Dont Talk In All CAPS

8. Do Not Self-Promote

9. Always FTF (Fill The Front)

10. Address Officers Sir Or Ma'am Depending On Sex

11. When AFK Or BRB Sit In Back Row

12. Always Have Fun

If You Break Any Of These Rules It Will Mean A Warning, Demotion, Or A Firing So Plz Don’t Brake The Rules………
Singend Offical
.:Blax101:. Commander-In-Chief

When A Raid Is In Motion Always Kik Them Aslo Dont Let Them In

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